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Here are what some of our clients have had to say about us:

Thank you so much for the fabulous job you did last night ...... we are hugely grateful for the effort and energy you contributed to the success of the evening.
Ngaio Merrick, Enterprise North Shore

Our event on Friday night was a great success, thank you very much,,, we will be back. Everyone is still raving over it. As a team event is was superb. Many thanks again,
Brian James, Waitakere

Brilliant!  It was all good, and everyone loved it!  Daniel was easy to deal with, and it all went smoothly. I was surprised how competitive some of my staff are, but I guess that's how you learn about people. Thanks again.
Grant Harris, Windsor Park

They are the best out there,would'nt want to use any other.
Mark G, North Shore

Visited the race centre expecting a normal arcade game, how very wrong I was! Graphics and sound are awesome but it's the "drive" which makes it so good; it's so realistic that keeping a car on the track is tricky even without other racers! I'm not into computer games and neither am I a racer, but I enjoyed this because the fact is anyone who enjoys driving at any level will enjoy it.
Andy C, Albany

.. it was very successful ..
Stuart D, The Radio Network, Auckland

Many thanks for supplying the racing game at the show - it proved to be alot of fun for everyone!
Matt Y, Mercedes, Auckland










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