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Video Services

Filming, Editing, graphics and 3D animation for

  • TV
  • Production houses
  • Corporate and training videos
  • Educational videos
  • Special events
  • Media training
  • web casts

B A Racer is a division of Avocado Media Ltd Our graphics and animation work can currently be viewed on Fujitsu Motorsport on Sky (NZV8 2009/2010).

Our showreel appears below:


An example of our work can be seen below in the promotional DVD we created for Formula Challenge.


Music videos Superseismic Girl:

The award winning music video "Superseismic Girl" by Sparky's Cosmic Journey. Winner of the 2005 "Knack Award" for the best video produced for under $5000 in the New Zealand Kodak Clip Awards.





Daniel is a freelance camera operator (stringer) and editor. He has over 16 years experience in television production, filming and editing in New Zealand and overseas.

During this time he has accompanied serving Prime Ministers throughout New Zealand, South America, Australia and East Timor. Daniel filmed in Thailand in the aftermath of the Boxing Day tsunami. He has worked with celebrities, royalty, Presidents and sports stars.

He has climbed mountains, pyramids and the Sydney Harbour Bridge. Filming has taken place from planes, trains and automobiles (not to mention helicopters, submarines, and racing cars).

For the last 3 years Daniel has done freelance camera work for TVNZ, TV3, ABC, ITV and CNBC to name a few. He has filmed for Fair Go, Sunday, Close Up, One News and 20/20. We have produced corporate videos for Formula Challenge, Southern Cross Hospitals, K P Sweeping and TUANZ (the Telecommunications Users Association of New Zealand).

For video services please contact Daniel, or phone 021 354 145.


Transfer video to DVD:

VHS, Hi 8, Video 8, DV, VHS-C

$40 per hour of footage, incl DVD and cover

$80 for a 3 hour tape. Large quantities of tapes? Please call us for a quote.






 Daniel Greenwood
 A division of Avocado Media Ltd ph 0064 9 4788862 ph 0508 4 B A Racer




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